Hello. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to post anything in a long time so I thought that I would post a picture of my survival world everything in the world is built in survival mode in minecraft and the large building behind me is my cake factory so I hope to soon put out a video because we haven’t done one in forever.

Thanks for being loyal


Me and my survival world

Me and my survival world

Happy Birthday to the Sea Dragon’s Den!

One year ago, we published our first post on this blog. It wasn’t anything big, just a welcome message. “They won’t be as boring as this post.” I said. Hopefully you think so. ;)

Since this blog started, we have achieved:

-34 Followers-awesome!

-2,659 views-and counting!

-104 posts-not counting this one.

-132 comments-I just love to read comments! :D

-148 spam comments- :(

-1 Youtube channel-Which I think is pretty cool.

-8 Youtube videos-Most impressive! :)

-about 50 likes-(on my posts)

-1 stuffed creeper-OK, so Calvin existed before this blog, BUT STILL.

I have enjoyed blogging this far, and here’s to another year of it! Join the Ender Side. We have potatoes. ;)

-Admin of this blog, FireFrostDragon

More Computer Problems

When I got my computer back, it said that my current windows access code wasn’t valid (when it was supposed to be). We called up the company again and they say to format the hard drive and reinstall windows. Doing this will delete everything, which is kind of annoying. I am going to back everything up so I don’t lose it and then I am going to reinstall windows. Why can’t my computer ever work? :(

Braith: Friendly or a Jerk?

If you’ve ever played Skyrim, you might know the little girl named Braith in Whiterun. She spends her day bullying a little boy and commenting about how she’ll fight anyone and how she’s not afraid of you (even in full daedric armor).

Everyone thinks she’s a jerk. And so did I. And then this happened:

I was playing one of my characters, and for a quest I had to go to Whiterun. As I walked past her, she says, “I thought you might want this.” and gives me 9 gold. I was like, “What??????” If she is a jerk, why would she do something like that? This whole thing is a little confusing.


Yes Yes, you probably think I’m trolling you but I’m not while I was on the wubcraft server we came across this guy


Yep he’s real alright afk, but real I didnt get to talk to him but it was cool to see himĀ 

Trust me this is the real deal legit bruhs