New Headset

Hey guys! I got a new headset for recording so I won’t have background noise. I can’t show it because my camera isn’t working but I hope to use it soon. By the way, they’re not beats.

The big Reveal

So the build for this week is…


TNERB50!!!!  yep that’s his skin and the build of the week I won’t do one of FireFrostDragon (well I will just not for guess the build) 

So leave a comment about what I should build next or just a general topic about what to build

Guess the build

So this week’s build should be fairly easy to guess but it took awhile to build this is about 30 minutes of work? some where around that so leave your answers down in the comments section below


I am going to try to do this once a week so also leave comments about what I should build next


Yes that’s right sponge in minecraft is now useful and, get this, YOU CAN GET IT IN SURVIVAL MODE. here’s what it looks like


this is the new dry sponge texture because the new sponge’s use dates back to early minecraft when it could be used to suck up a 6×6 area of water and now that feature has been added back into the game.

Sponge is obtainable by killing these guy’s


These are called guardians they guard the new ocean temple that spawns (No screenshot sorry) when you kill them they will drop wet sponge (I think) and you can smelt that wet spongeImage

To get Dry sponge (or just sponge)


So leave a comment down below about how you feel about the return of sponge

Skyrim: Bugs I’ve Experienced Part 4

I haven’t done one of these in a long time. However, this bug was incredibly irritating. In the Hearthfire DLC, you build your own house. You can also adopt children, which I did. You can adopt up to two. I chose a boy and a girl. The boy (named Blaise) was the first one I adopted. He looks like this:


Anyway, I come home to my house one day and he keeps talking to me, saying the exact same thing over and over. This would be bearable, except that when he does this, he forces you to look at him. As soon as you exit out of the conversation, he makes you enter it again. I didn’t know what to do. I dreaded going back to my house after a rough day adventuring. One day, I came back and the bug had fixed itself. I don’t know how or why, but I could finally head home again. Each time I see Blaise though, I can’t help but be scared of it happening again.


Others in the series:

Godly Faction of Godliness

So yesterday Tnerb50 and myself were playing factions together and since it was tnerb’s first time playing factions on his name got announced to the whole server that he was new to factions. Well turns out a specific donator on the server know as slickman734 or something like that, invited tnerb to his donator faction. He was freaking out and accepted the invite. Later that day (and by that I mean like half a hour later) his donator faction was raided and destroyed. And now you may be asking Manatee why did you title this post the Godly Faction of Godliness? Well at the same time it just so happened to be that a God (the second highest rank on the server) was recruiting for his faction. Well I said I was interested and he invited me to the faction. and you know what I did? UH DUH I ACCEPTED IT and I waited at the faction home for a bit to see if I would get murdered but nope I got to stay in the faction. Now tnerb was a little upset that I got invited to a God faction so in order to get into the faction he offered the God a ticket into his donator’s base. So MineRaids (the name of the raided faction) got raided twice in one day so Tnerb got invited to the faction and now we are both living in a god faction with no worries what so ever.


(that’s full enchanted diamond by the way) We will be playing at sometime around 1 to 2 pm Eastern Time so If you’d like to join us feel free 


I got reminded by my brother how much fun trying to fight your first deadra lord at level 1 could be. Or at least to watch.Image

Of course one of the funniest parts was when his khajiit character got hit with a power attack. I don’t know if it was because of his race, or just the voice acting, but instead of grunting, his character shouts “WHOA!”. It was funny, especially since that was the killing blow. Nice last words, Khajiit.